Development of Croatian and EU policy framework:

  • Established a science & technology project and secured a 20 MEUR World Bank loan (2007-2014);
  • Establishment of European Enterprise Network (EEN) and Business Support Organization (BSO) Network in Croatia (2008 →)
  • Partnership in 3 EU projects total valued at 4.9 MEUR (2019-2022)

Development and implementation of technology infrastructure projects:

  • 10 innovative platforms: incubators, science and technology parks (2008 →)
  • BIOCentre – bioscience technology transfer and incubation facility, approved by DG REGIO (opened in 2015);
  • Technology Park Zagreb - incubator for high technologies in Croatia, approved by Ministry of Entrepreneurship (opened in 2017);
  • Business Organisations Network Development (BOND) - a unique network of different types of business support institutions (100 PPIs in Croatia) whose task is to provide support to entrepreneurs, approved by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (2017 🡪)