INVENTO is open for cooperation on various EU projects.

We have ample experience with the Interreg programme. In the last three years we have been part
of three Interreg projects and three EIT projects, cooperating with more than 20 partners from 10 EU countries:


- establishment of a public private co-investment fund and facilitation of investment deals between business angels, start-ups and public support providers.


- fostering collaboration of start-ups, SMEs and large companies with innovation business support programmes including online training workshops and mentoring of 200 start-ups that will be connected to industry needs.

Energy +

- boosting potential of young innovators through a pre-acceleration programme tailored for young innovators in the energy efficiency field. The programme piloted in 9 countries involving 90 key regional ecosystem actors and innovators.

Urban Mobility

- since 2021, the EIT Urban Mobility Hub in Croatia encourages the transfer and replication of best practices and implements activities designed to boost the innovation in urban mobility. INVENTO Capital Partners is operating with four other Croatian partners: REGEA, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Hrvatski telekom.


- since 2020 INVETNO is part of the EIT Jumpstarter program, which, with a mentoring program, helps innovation holders to (jump) start their business. In 2022, we also joined the EIT Entrepreneurial Co-founder Match Program, in which we will connect deep tech innovators and talented entrepreneurs to start their business.


- since 2016. – 2021. INVENTO was Croatian hub for EIT InnoEnergy. Nowadays, sustainability for EIT Innoenergy is about more than lowering emissions, and they make this possible by supporting sustainable energy innovations which provide industry with risk free, pioneering new technologies that reduce energy costs, increase system performance, decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, create jobs, and increase competitiveness.

As you can see, we were focused on developing programmes that help young people prepare their projects for presentation to investors and enter the international market.

We want to continue strengthening the competencies and knowledge of young creative individuals, we want to support and encourage women entrepreneurs and enable potential entrepreneurs in rural areas to find and develop their business path.

Our future activities will be related to EIT urban mobility, all their open calls and programmes, and our goal is to be a key factor in the development of this area in Croatia.

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